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Technological Advantages of165Y Bulldozer
1. Beautiful and fashionable design of the whole machine
2. High coefficient of power reserve of the engine, high torque output, low oil consumption, and high reliability.
3. Hydraulic rotary transmission, automatic speed regulation, and shift changing without stopping the machine.
4. Single-stage single-phase three-element torque converter, with high efficiency and large capacity
5. It is equipped with a newly developed ROPS-FOPS protective device, guarding against junk and turning over of the machine
6. The novel and beautiful hexagonal cab boasts a broad vision, better ventilation and excellent airproof property.
7. It has the final drive by serration and ovaloid edge trimming gear, ensuring uniform bearing and stable transmission of the driving medium, and also extending life time of the driving medium.
8. The bulldozing unit is practical and durable, with large shoveling capacity.
9. New integrated three-level warning and electronic monitoring device, matched instrument display and three-level warning.
10. Convenient and user-friendly design, with handles on both sides of the machine
11. With pilot control, you can operate the bulldozer with little physical force.
12. With electronic lock, the machine is more convenient and reliable.
13. A wide variety of optional equipment, such as U-shaped shovel, angular shovel, air-conditioned cab, wing shelter, tridentate scarifier, hot spot, ether starting aid and other protective devices, etc.

165Y-1 crawler bulldozer is a new product developed from 165Y bulldozer by absorbing Komatsu technology of D65E bulldozer from Japan. The 165Y bulldozer features beautiful design, reasonable power match, superior performance, flexible operation, reliable usage, and is ideal equipment for construction.

Technical Data

ENGINE C6121ZG05C, Cummins NT855
WEIGHT (165Y) 17860kg
WEIGHT (165YS) 18200kg

We gained much experience in producing the construction equipment, which have received POCC certification. With high quality and competitive prices, our construction equipment is fully recognized and highly praised by customers in many overseas countries, including Russia, India, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Indonesia, and more. If you want to know more about our bulldozers or other construction equipment, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve you.

Gear Box of 165Y Bulldozer
The gear box makes use of planetary gear and disc clutch, with hydraulic control valve adopted for regulating forward and backward traveling and speed. It features planetary gears, multi-disc clutch, hydraulic and pressure lubrication, and three-speed forward and backward shifts.

Torque Converter of 165Y Bulldozer

The torque converter is of the single stage , single phrase, 3 elements hydraulic type, with reasonable structure and excellent reliability, which provide optimum match with the machine. The centripetal turbine torque converter boasts unexampled superiority compared with traditional mechanical transmission, for example, it makes the machine have autoadaptation, stepless speed regulation, long lifetime, simplified operation, travelling comfort and torque-limiting capacity.

Final Drive of 165Y Bulldozer
The final drive makes use of processing technology of hard ovaloid edge trimming driver gear, and has the advantages of large bearing capacity, stable transmission, low noise, high reliability, and long service life, etc.

1. High reliability
With stste-of-the-art design for the main parts and the whole machine, the bulldozer is reliable and durable. Moreover, the friction disc also features high reliability and long life.
2. Superior power
The coefficient of torque reserve is up to 1.5, with remarkable dynamic property, good responsibility and flexible operation.
3. High working efficiency
4. Low fuel consumption
5. Easy repair and convenient maintenance
6. Cold-starting, and good performance
7. Cummines engines are available upon request.

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