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220Y-1 bulldozer is an innovative product developed from traditional Shanghai 220Y bulldozer, which is created by incorporating and upgrading Komatsu technology of D85A bulldozers of Japan. The 220Y bulldozer boasts reasonable overall arrangement, beautiful design, effort-saving and comfortable driving, good performance, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability. Moreover, it has reasonable power match, high economical efficiency, and excellent dynamic and tractive property.

Technological Advantages
1. Reasonable mechanism, superior performance, and high technology content.
2. High coefficient of power reserve of the engine, high torque output, low oil consumption, and high reliability.
3. Hydraulic rotary transmission, automatic speed regulation, and shift changing without stopping the machine.
4. It has the final drive by serration and ovaloid edge trimming gear, ensuring uniform bearing and stable transmission of the driving medium, and also extending life time of the driving medium.
5. Convenient operation, user-friendly design, with two handles on both sides.
6. Innovative ROPS-FOPS protective device, guarding against junk and turning over of the bulldozer.
7. New integrated three-level warning and electronic monitoring device, matched instrument display and three-level warning.
8. The novel and beautiful hexagonal cab boasts a broad vision, better ventilation and excellent airproof property.
9. A wide variety of optional equipment, such as U-shaped shovel, angular shovel, air-conditioned cab, wing shelter, tridentate scarifier, hot spot, ether starting aid and other protective devices, etc.
10. It has multiple innovative products, pipelayer, for example.

Technical Data

WEIGHT (220Y) 25500kg
WEIGHT (220YS) 26300kg

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Gearbox of 220Y Bulldozer
With power shift gearbox controlled by transmission control valve, the bulldozer can shift gears to adjust speed without stopping the machine. Meanwhile, the transmission control valve couples with the torque converter to largely reduce the labor for the driver. The gearbox consists of four planetary gears and a rolling lock-up clutch. In addition, the gearbox features multi disk clutch, hydraulic and pressure lubrication, and three-speed forward and backward shifts.

Torque converter of 220Y Bulldozer
TY220 torque converter for 220Y bulldozer is a new-generation product created by innovating and upgrading the traditional materials, workmanship, and mechanism on the basis of Komatsu technology from Japan and military industrial technology. It features simple structure, convenient maintenance, low noise, high reliability and stepless speed adjusting. Meanwhile, TY220 torque converter matches well with the main engine, which helps to make sure that the bulldozer has excellent tractive property and steady transmission.

Final drive of 220Y Bulldozer
The final drive makes use of processing technology of hard ovaloid edge trimming driver gear, and has the advantages of large bearing capacity, stable transmission, low noise, high reliability, and long service life, etc.

1. The pulse vent-pipes improve emission and ensure superior performance of the engine.
2. High torque reserve, low speed under the maximum torque condition and strong adaptability.
3. High quality cast iron and specially designed valve guide pipes ensure good sealing performance and durability of the bulldozer.
4. Highly reinforced and balanced crankshaft, with precision design.
5. Advanced exhaust gas turbocharger.
6. Four valves per cylinder, increasing power and reducing fuel consumption of the bulldozer.

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