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320Y bulldozer, a high powered bulldozer, is developed based on introducing technology of Komatsu D155A-1A of Japan, and has passed the quality and performance acceptance inspection by Komatsu laboratory.320Y bulldozer boasts safety, reliability, strong traction, superior operation, flexible and easy control, and convenient maintenance. Its technical specification and reliability index are up to high grade level. The bulldozer is recognized as superior product and famous brand product of Chinese mechanical industry.

Technological Advantages
1. High coefficient of power reserve of the engine, high torque output, low oil consumption and reliable operation.
2. Hydraulic rotary transmission, automatic speed regulation, and shift without stopping the machine.
3. Final drive by hard ovaloid edge trimming gear, with large carrying capacity and long life.
4. The bulldozing unit can move upwardly, downwardly, and also sideways. Controlled by hydraulic servomechanism, the machine is easy to operate. The hard wearing push broach has high bearing capacity and strong abrasion resistance.
5. The new steering hydraulic control valve ensures flexible operation, labor saving, and high efficiency.
6. The novel and beautiful hexagonal cab boasts a broad vision, better ventilation and excellent airproof property.
7. New integrated three-level warning and electronic monitoring device, matched instrument display and three-level warning.
8. A wide variety of optional equipment, such as U-shaped shovel, angular shovel, air-conditioned cab, wing shelter, tridentate scarifier, hot spot, ether starting aid and other protective devices, etc.
9. It has multiple innovative products, pipelayer, for example.

Technical Data

ENGINE KTA855-C360S10 Cummins
WEIGHT 35900kg

As a professional bulldozer manufacturer in China, We Machine Building Plant Company primarily provide a line of construction enginering equipment, including crawler bulldozer, mining bulldozer, construction bulldozer, and more. Due to reliable quality nad reasonable prices, the construction equipment is very popular with customers. Moreover, the machines find wide applications in various engineering construction of buildongs, irrigation works, power system, roads, mines and national defense, to name a few. For more information about our construction enginering machinery, please go to the product webpage, or directly contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Gearbox of 320Y Bulldozer
The machine is equipped with transmission of planetary gear and rotary lockup multi-disc clutch that are hydraulically engaged and force lubricated. Forward 3 speeds can be gained by actuating the hydraulic control valve.

Hydraulic Torque Converter of 320Y Bulldozer
The torque converter is of the single stage , single phrase, 3 elements hydraulic type, with reasonable structure and excellent reliability, which provide optimum match with the machine. The centripetal turbine torque converter boasts unexampled superiority compared with traditional mechanical transmission, for example, it makes the machine have autoadaptation, stepless speed regulation, long lifetime, simplified operation, travelling comfort and torque-limiting capacity.

TY320 hydraulic torque converter is newly developed on the basis of Komatsu technology from Japan. It is created by employing better materials, improving production process and optimizing the layout of the device. Hence, the TY320 hydraulic torque converter features simple design, easy maintenance, low noise, and high reliability.

Final Drive of 320Y Bulldozer
We are the first to master the technology in the manufacturing relief, crowned gear, which features heavy load large capacity, stable transmission and long life.

1. The pulse vent-pipes improve emission and ensure superior performance of the engine.
2. High torque reserve, low speed under the maximum torque condition and strong adaptability.
3. High quality cast iron and specially designed valve guide pipes ensure good sealing performance and durability of the bulldozer.
4. Highly reinforced and balanced crankshaft, with precision design.
5. Advanced exhaust gas turbocharger.
6. Four valves per cylinder, increasing power and reducing fuel consumption of the bulldozer.

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