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410Y-1 bulldozer is developed from 401Y crawler bulldozer in view of the international development trends of crawler bulldozers. It is newly developed product up to international advanced level. The 410Y-1 bulldozer features reasonable mechanism, optimum power match, beautiful design, and labor-saving control. Moreover, it makes use of hydraulic rotary transmission, with good performance and high reliability. A

The basic model 410Y bulldozer is created through exclusively introducing the design and technology of Komatsu D355A-3 bulldozer from Japan, and is licensed by Komatsu laboratory. The processing, installation and debugging of the 410Y-1 bulldozer are performed in strict technical standards of Komatsu laboratory. Moreover, the bulldozer passed the performance and quality acceptance inspection by Komatsu laboratory. Over long term exchange and cooperation with Komatsu of Japan, we have greatly advanced technologies in producing our 410Y-1 bulldozers. Furthermore, our135Y410Y-1 bulldozer was once honored as Chinese brand products of mechanical industry.

Technological Advantages
1. Application of frontier control technique makes the bulldozer have the following advantages.
a. Small operating force, high control precision, reduction of labor intensity for the driver, and high working efficiency.
b. High mountability, and flexible arrangement of the machine parts.
2. The working hydraulic system makes use of energy-saving technology, and has the advantages as follows.
a. Small heat loss. When the operating handle is in the holding position, all oil contained will be discharged to keep the valve pressure loss below0.5Mpa. When the operating handle is in operating position, work will be reduced so as to lower heat loss.
b. The hydro cylinders of the bulldozer can move synchronously, free of interference of each other.
3. The electronic monitor is to monitor the parameters such as charging voltage of the engine, fuel level, water level, oil pressure, torque converter oil temperature, hydraulic fluid temperature, filter clog warning, and more. If there is any abnormal parameters, the instrument panel, supervisory lamp, and alarm buzzer, etc. of the monitoring device will give an alarm, increasing reliability and safety of operation of the bulldozer.
4. The bulldozer is designed with new resilient shock absorbing trolley instead of the traditional rigid thrust wheel. Test results show that the viscoelastic suspension mechanism, which has lifetime longer than 4,000h, helps to reduce 50% vibration, and improve efficiency by 30%.

Technical Data

ENGINE KTA19-C525 Cummins
WEIGHT 49500kg

Gearbox of 410Y-1 Bulldozer
The gear box makes use of planetary gear and multi-disc clutch, with hydraulic control valve adopted for regulating forward and backward traveling and speed. It features planetary gears, multi-disc clutch, hydraulic and pressure lubrication, and three-speed forward and backward shifts.

Torque Converter of410Y-1 Bulldozer
The torque converter is of the single stage , single phrase, 3 elements hydraulic type, with reasonable structure and excellent reliability, which provide optimum match with the machine. The centripetal turbine torque converter boasts unexampled superiority compared with traditional mechanical transmission, for example, it makes the machine have autoadaptation, stepless speed regulation, long lifetime, simplified operation, travelling comfort and torque-limiting capacity. 

Final Drive of 410Y-1 Bulldozer
Straight double reduction gear is adopted for final drive, with large carrying capacity, stable transmission and long service life.

1. Direct injection of fuel to reduce the fuel consumption.
2. 4 valves per cylinder, increasing power and lowering fuel consumption of the bulldozer.
3. PT fuel system, Cummins patent technology.
4. Induction hardened crankshafts and camshaft for improving reliability and durability.
5. Drop forged connecting rod, super long life.
6. Replaceable valve seat inserts and guides to maximize the life of cylinder head.
7. Wet and replaceable cylinder liners.
8. Offset piston pin to minimize the cavitation of cylinder liner.
9. Minimum oil consumption.

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