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    1. 410Y-1 Crawler BulldozerThe 410Y-1 bulldozer features reasonable mechanism, optimum power match, beautiful design, and labor-saving control. Moreover, it makes use of hydraulic rotary transmission, with good performance and high reliability.
    1. 320Y Crawler Bulldozer1. High coefficient of power reserve of the engine, high torque output, low oil consumption and reliable operation.
      2. Hydraulic rotary transmission, automatic speed regulation, and shift without stopping the machine.
      3. Final drive by hard ovaloid edge trimming gear, with large carrying capacity and long life.
    1. 220Y Crawler BulldozerThe 220Y bulldozer boasts reasonable overall arrangement, beautiful design, effort-saving and comfortable driving, good performance, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability. Moreover, it has reasonable power match, high economical efficiency, and excellent dynamic and tractive property.
    1. 165Y Crawler BulldozerThe 165Y bulldozer features beautiful design, reasonable power match, superior performance, flexible operation, reliable usage, and is ideal equipment for construction.
    1. 140 Crawler Bulldozer140 bulldozer boasts reasonable overall arrangement, beautiful design, flexible and comfortable driving, superior performance, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability.
    1. 135Y Crawler Bulldozer1. Power system makes use of Shanghai diesel engine D6114ZG4B, with low oil consumption.
      2. With modular connection between gear box and the torque converter with motor housing, it is convenient to assemble.
      3. The special torsional vibration damper reduces the vibration of driving medium and lowers energy consumption.
    1. 120 Crawler Bulldozer1. We adopt 6135K-2a Shanghai diesel engine, with adequate power, high torque and high reliability.
      2. Dry, single-plate main clutch, with steady operation and long service life
      3. The dead axle gearbox mechanism, with long life and high reliability

Bulldozer, also crawler, which usually refers to tracked tractor, is equipped with a substantial metal plate to push a large quantity of soil, sand, rubble, etc. during construction work. In addition, a claw shaped device, known as a ripper, is equipped at the rear of a bulldozer to loosen the densely-compacted materials. Bulldozer generally refers to any heavy equipment, a loader or an excavator, but to be precise, it is a tractor that is fitted with a dozer blade.

Bulldozers are large and powerful tracked heavy equipment. The tracks offer them excellent ground hold and mobility through rough terrain. The wide tracks help distribute heavy weight of a bulldozer over a large area, decreasing pressure on the ground and thus preventing it from sinking in sandy or muddy ground. Moreover, bulldozers have excellent ground hold and a torque divider designed to convert the power of the engine into higher dragging capability.

In terms of different moving styles, there are crawler bulldozer and wheel bulldozer. The crawler bulldozers we provide feature great traction, low ground pressure, and strong climbing ability. Moreover, our crawler bulldozers have the advantages of reasonable mechanism, excellent power match, beautiful design, labor saving operation, hydraulic rotary transmission, good performance and high reliability. We introduce advanced designing and processing technologies in manufacturing our crawler dozers. The processing, installation and debugging of our products are carries out in strict accordance with the technical standards of Komatsu of Japan. Meanwhile, our products passed the performance and quality acceptance inspection made by Komatsu laboratory and the mechanical property reaches the level Komatsu products. Additionally, the common dozers also include mini bulldozer, swamp bulldozer, underwater bulldozer, wetland bulldozer, and more.

Currently, bulldozers have been further modified over time to evolve into new machines that have varied working ways. For example, loader tractors were created by removing the blade and substituting a large volume bucket and hydraulic arms that can raise and lower the bucket, making it useful for scooping up earth and loading it into trucks.

Also, different from original large dozers, smaller dozers, or calfdozers emerge to work in small areas where movement is limited, such as in mining.Moreover, lightweight dozers are commonly used in snow removal and as a tool for preparing winter sports areas for ski and snowboard sports.Nevertheless, the original earthmoving dozers are still irreplaceable as their tasks are concentrated in deforestation, earthmoving, ground leveling, and road carving. Heavy bulldozers are mainly employed to level the terrain to prepare it for construction. The construction, however, is mainly done by small dozers and loader tractors.

We Machine Building Plant Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying bulldozers. Located in Shanghai, China, here our company has easy access to convenient air, land and sea transportation, which not only reduces our transportation cost of raw materials and largely decreases shipping charges of our customers. In addition to crawler dozer, we also provide mining bulldozer, crawler excavator, hydraulic excavator, to name a few, to meet varied needs of customers for construction equipment. For more information about our construction equipment, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Other Products
    1. Crawler ExcavatorThe crawler excavator boasts reasonable design, high working efficiency, easy maintenance, and has its main parts of well known international brands, thus with reliable performance. The crawler excavator works by moving movable arms and dipper, excavating and dumping earth and 360° turning of upper brace, etc.
    1. 210LC-5 Crawler Excavator1. Effective pilot valve is adopted, with precise movements and low actuating effort.
      2. The electronic throttle control integrated with automatic idlespeed and the fingertip control ensure convenient and easy operation.
      3. The latest intelligent display that contains all related operating parameters ...
Company Brief: Specializing in manufacturing construction equipment in China, We Machine Building Plant Company provides crawler bulldozer, mining bulldozer, construction bulldozer, hydraulic excavator, compact excavator, mining excavator, front shovel excavator, backhoe excavator, and more, to customers all over the world. Our construction machines have markets in Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Nigeria, and Indonesia, etc.