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Advantages of 240E Crawler Excavator
Comfort of 240E Crawler Excavator
1. Updated cab, newly-designed internal decorations, excellent visibility.
2. Powerful air-conditioning, with rapid cooling and heating property.
3. Adjustable GRAMMER suspension seat.

Safety of 240E Crawler Excavator
The reinforced rigid cab can be mounted with ROPS and FOPS protective devices, guarding safety of the operator.

Convenience of 240E Crawler Excavator
1. Effective pilot valve is adopted, with precise movements and low actuating effort.
2. The electronic throttle control integrated with automatic idlespeed and the fingertip control ensure convenient and easy operation.
3. The latest intelligent display that contains all related operating parameters enables you to have a full understanding at one glance.

Main Technical Parameters of 240E Crawler Excavator

RATED POWER 133KW/2000rpm
WEIGHT 24200kg

Our construction equipment primarily includes mining bulldozer, construction bulldozer, hydraulic excavator, and more, which have received POCC certification. Due to reliable quality and competitive prices, our construction equipment finds a good sale in the international markets. We welcome global buyers to contact us and try our crawler excavator or other construction equipment. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products.

Configuration of 240E Crawler Excavator
Cummins Turbocharged Engine (Original)

1. Top-ranking technology in the world, with powerful drive and low noise.
2. Lower fuel consumption than other machines of its kind, energy-saving, and environment-friendly
3. Imported cyclone air cleaner helps to extend the lifetime and reduce maintenance cost of the machine.

KAWASKI Hydraulic System (Original)
1. Complete matching of the negative flow and power output, and energy saving
2. The main valve has the functions of flow dividing, integrating, regenerating, and more.
3. High working efficiency and low fuel consumption.
4. Superior oil filtrator, extending lifetime of the hydraulic elements.

Japan NABTESCO Undercarriage Chassis
1. Intelligent dual speed switchover, with smooth starting and no impact.
2. Wet, disc brake device increases safety for parking on slope way.

Highly Strengthened Undercarriage
1. The reinforced X-shaped frame is wholly welded and connected by the low stress, high strength steel plate to ensure high reliability.
2. Highly strengthened structure for rough terrain, and stretched type for swampy places.

Revolving Frame with Excellent Stability
The compact strong revolving frame is the pillar part of the working equipment at the rear of the machine, for improved balance and stability of the machine.

Optimized Boom and Arm Design
The boom and arm of the machine have been enlarged and optimized to adapt to special working environment, mines and quarries, for example.

Quality Bucket
The cutting plate makes use of high-strength wear-resistant steel plate. The bucket teeth are made of superior materials by refined foundry. Hence, the bucket has high durability.

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