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In view of the development trends of excavators in domestic and overseas markets, 60E crawler excavator is newly developed to meet the market demands. Our 60E crawler excavator is a small multifunction hydraulic excavator that is up to world-class advanced level.

Convenient Maintenance
The whole mechanism of 60E crawler excavator breaks the traditional layout to add a rear cover and doors on both sides of the crawler excavator, which facilitate convenient operation of all the maintenance work. We adopt internationally well-known band products for the main parts of our crawler excavators, which ensures high quality and safe and reliable performance of our products. Meanwhile, it helps lengthen the maintenance cycle, enhance the operating factor and lower maintenance cost of our crawler excavators.

Main Technical Parameters

RATED POWER 53HP/2200rpm
WEIGHT 6100kg

As an experienced crawler excavator manufacturer in China, We Machine Building Plant Company specializes in providing a line of construction machnery, such as hydraulic excavator, compact excavator, mining excavator, crawler bulldozer, and more. Wit hreliable quality, our construction equipment has received POCC certification and has markets in many countries, including Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Nigeria, and Indonesia, to name a few. If you are in need of crawler excavator or other construction equipment, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you with your crawler excavator needs.

Some Main Parts

The separator serves to filtrate the fuel and separate water from it, extending the lifetime of both the fuel and the engine.

Powerful radiator and cooling units are adopted to reduce the working temperature of the engine, ensuring safer operation of the hydraulic system.

The high speed of blade moving helps to improve working efficiency of the machine.

We adopt maintenance-free batteries to save certain repair.

We utilize the lights from Germany for outstanding visibility, which makes jobs easier.

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Company Brief: Specializing in manufacturing construction equipment in China, We Machine Building Plant Company provides crawler bulldozer, mining bulldozer, construction bulldozer, hydraulic excavator, compact excavator, mining excavator, front shovel excavator, backhoe excavator, and more, to customers all over the world. Our construction machines have markets in Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Nigeria, and Indonesia, etc.