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Backhoe Excavator
With bucket mounted at the front of the movable arm, backhoe excavator is chiefly used as down digging shovel excavator. It is also utilized for digging pits, foundation trenches and pipe trenches that are less than 4m deep. Meanwhile, it is also applicable to wet soil, soil under the water table that has a high content of water and soil with higher groundwater level. For the backhoe excavators, there are end excavating and side excavating modes.

Our backhoe excavators are safe, comfortable and convenient to operate. With internationally well known brand parts, our backhoe excavators have the advantages of high quality, reliable performance, long maintenance cycle, high utilization rate and low maintenance cost. Moreover, it has a wider antishock cab and has comfortable seat that are designed on the basis of ergonomics. Furthermore, the front-mounted electronic monitor helps to ensure easier and convenient operation of the equipment.

We Machine Building Plant Company is one of the leading manufacturers of backhoe excavators in China. In addition to backhoe excavator, we also provide other construction equipment such as crawler bulldozer, hydraulic excavator, and compact excavator, to name a few. Located in Shanghai, our company has easy access to favorable geographic location, complete infrastructure and convenient transportation, which facilitate easy goods delivery.

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    1. 135Y Bulldozer1. Power system makes use of Shanghai diesel engine D6114ZG4B, with low oil consumption.
      2. With modular connection between gear box and the torque converter with motor housing, it is convenient to assemble.
      3. The special torsional vibration damper reduces the vibration of driving medium and lowers energy consumption.
Company Brief: Specializing in manufacturing construction equipment in China, We Machine Building Plant Company provides crawler bulldozer, mining bulldozer, construction bulldozer, hydraulic excavator, compact excavator, mining excavator, front shovel excavator, backhoe excavator, and more, to customers all over the world. Our construction machines have markets in Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Nigeria, and Indonesia, etc.