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    1. The whole mechanism of 60E crawler excavator breaks the traditional layout to add a rear cover and doors on both sides of the crawler excavator, which facilitate convenient operation of all the maintenance work. We adopt internationally well-known band products for the main parts of our crawler excavators, which ensures high quality and safe and reliable performance of our products. Meanwhile
    1. The 210E crawler excavator makes use of international famous brand products as its main parts, and features user-friendly operation, high working efficiency, energy saving, environment-friendliness and convenient maintenance, etc. Moreover, the crawler excavator has been inspected and recognized as an advanced model by the national quality supervision and inspection centre for construction machinery.
    1. 1. Effective pilot valve is adopted, with precise movements and low actuating effort.
      2. The electronic throttle control integrated with automatic idlespeed and the fingertip control ensure convenient and easy operation.
      3. The latest intelligent display that contains all related operating parameters ...
    1. 230LC-5 crawler excavator is a new product with mechanical-electrical integration, combining technical advancement and reliable performance into a whole. It features user-friendly operation, low fuel consumption, highly precise and convenient control, strong adaptability, and can work under severe environment. Moreover, it achieves the system upgrading from constant power control system to variational power microcomputer control system.>
    1. 1. Updated cab, newly-designed internal decorations, excellent visibility.
      2. Powerful air-conditioning, with rapid cooling and heating property.
      3. Adjustable GRAMMER suspension seat.
    1. 330Es crawler excavator is a new product incorporating new design and the latest technology based on the new development trends of hydraulic excavators. It boasts high working efficiency, reliable operation, strong adaptability and beautiful design. The SW330Es crawler excavator makes use of Cummins diesel engine of the US, KAWASKI hydraulic system, and Tenjin Seiki propel drive. Moreover, the crawler excavator adopts double pump>

Excavator, a kind of earth-moving machinery, is used for excavating materials that are above or below the surface of bearing unit, loading the materials into haulage vehicle or unloading them to rickyards. The main materials excavated by excavators are soil, coal, sediment, and pre-loosened soil and rock, etc.

The crawler excavator we produce is a kind of hydraulic excavator, which is the most important, most complex and most commonly used type of construction equipment. The crawler excavator boasts reasonable design, high working efficiency, easy maintenance, and has its main parts of well known international brands, thus with reliable performance. The crawler excavator works by moving movable arms and dipper, excavating and dumping earth and 360° turning of upper brace, etc. Additionally, hydraulic excavator, crawler excavator, for example, has found wide applications in many construction projects, such as architectural construction, irrigation works, railway and highway construction, to name a few.

Hydraulic excavator initially appeared in Germany in 1954, and was recognizes as the first full hydraulic excavator. With continuous development of hydraulic technology and consistent improvement of hydraulic elements, hydraulic excavator has increasingly superior performance and faster development.

Users should do routine maintenance of crawler excavator. Regular maintenance of excavators is performed to decrease failures, extend lifetime, shorten downtime, enhance working efficiency and reduce operation cost of the machine. Actually, sound management of fuel, lubricating oil, water and air can avoid 70% failures of the hydraulic excavators.

We Machine Building Plant Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying crawler excavator in China. Our company has received ISO90001:2000 certification due to our production and operation in strict accordance with international standards. In addition to crawler excavator, we also provide other construction equipment, such as crawler bulldozer, front shovel excavator, backhoe excavator, to name a few. With reliable quality and competitive prices, our construction equipment has markets in many countries and regions, including Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Nigeria, Indonesia, and more. If you have any questions about our crawler excavator or other construction equipment, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Other Products
    1. BulldozerThe crawler bulldozers we provide feature great traction, low ground pressure, and strong climbing ability. Moreover, our crawler bulldozers have the advantages of reasonable mechanism, excellent power match, beautiful design, labor saving operation, hydraulic rotary transmission, good performance and high reliability.
    1. 135Y Bulldozer1. Power system makes use of Shanghai diesel engine D6114ZG4B, with low oil consumption.
      2. With modular connection between gear box and the torque converter with motor housing, it is convenient to assemble.
      3. The special torsional vibration damper reduces the vibration of driving medium and lowers energy consumption.
Company Brief: Specializing in manufacturing construction equipment in China, We Machine Building Plant Company provides crawler bulldozer, mining bulldozer, construction bulldozer, hydraulic excavator, compact excavator, mining excavator, front shovel excavator, backhoe excavator, and more, to customers all over the world. Our construction machines have markets in Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Nigeria, and Indonesia, etc.